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  • Twenty years ago, while I was struggling with trying to find out what was wrong with my two year-old son, several parents got together in Florida and formed a group that is now known as CHADD. Although their efforts did not help me at the time, they did form what is now the largest non-profit group dedicated to helping families and individuals living with the difficulties of ADHD on a daily basis. This group has grown in strength over the years and now provides information, advocacy and support on a nationwide basis.


    CHADD works to provide advocacy and a voice for all individuals living with ADHD. Volunteers for the organization work in local areas to influence public policy. On a national level, CHADD has worked diligently on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and helped create the Children’s Behavioral Alliance, a national coalition of organizations interested in behavioral issues and IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).

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    Finding support is another main area in which CHADD provides assistance. They have nationwide chapters run by volunteers. These support groups allow people to find others in their area that are facing the same challenges and offer an atmosphere of supports and friendships. If you are looking to locate a support group in your area, you can visit the CHADD website. In addition to support groups, CHADD offers an annual conference, parent-to-parent classes and local seminars. Their site provides information on upcoming events.


    In order to help educate parents, individuals, teachers and medical professionals, CHADD formed the National Resource Center on ADHD. This site provides evidence-based information. This site provides fact sheets and news on many different aspects of living with ADHD. A section is also available in Spanish.


    As a visitor to the site, there is a great deal of information you can review and read. By joining the organization, you also have the ability to receive their “Attention!” Magazine, find medical professionals in your area and connect with other people that may be dealing with the same issues as you.

Published On: June 28, 2007