Question of the Week: Do You Spank Your Child?

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • An article on discusses the results of a recent study, indicating that spanking your children can lead to aggressiveness. This is nothing new; although spanking was a common form of discipline for many years, over the past few decades many medical and social professionals have warned against using spanking as a way to discipline. According to most, we should use methods such as discussion and time-outs instead.


    Even so, according to the article, 90 percent of parents still use spanking. This doesn't necessarily mean 90 percent of parents are abusing their children, but is troubling if we are indeed creating more aggressive children.

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    I know I have, at some points, swatted my kids on the butt to get their attention, although I am strongly against "hitting" as discipline. So am I in the 90 percent? Or is a simple attention getter alright?


    My question this week: Do You Spank Your Child?

Published On: April 13, 2010