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  • Finding a Health Care Professional


    Finding a Health Care Professional that works with patients with ADD/ADHD is often hard work. For some, their health insurance is limited and in order for the services to be paid, they must work with specific doctors. For others, living in a small or rural town limits access to specialists. No matter what your situation may be, finding the right professional to help you can be frustrating.


    There are a number of places, within your community, that you may be able to go to ask for referrals:


    Family Doctor

    Religious Leaders

    Community Mental Health Centers

    University or Medical School Programs

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    Social Service Agencies

    Employee Assistance Programs

    Medical and/or Psychiatric Societies


    There are also a number of internet resources you can use to help you seek out Health Care Professionals:


    The United States Department of Health and Human Services


    Mental Health Services Locator


    This government organization offers a directory of services and resources for professionals and patients. Choose your state from the drop down list and you will be provided with a list of resources and agencies in your state that may be able to help.


    Bureau of Primary Health Care


    This site helps patients to find health care providers, even if they do not have insurances or money to pay for the doctor's visit. Health care professionals are available for primary medical care, mental health, substance abuse and more.


    National Institute of Mental Health


    Clinical Trials Locator


    This site provides a listing of current clinical trials that are supported by the National Institute of Mental Health. Many clinical trials will provide you with medical care and medications at no cost to you.


    Other Government Agencies


    Veterans Administration


    This site provides a searchable database of healthcare services including medical, counseling and rehabilitative services for veterans.


    MedLine Plus


    This is a service of the US National Library of Medicine and provide national directories for hospitals, clinics, doctors and other health care professionals.


    In addition to the government agencies, there are a number of non-profit and private websites that provide directories of medical professionals that treat or specialize in treating ADD and ADHD.


    CHADD (Children and Adults with AD/HD) Professional Directory


    Attention Deficit Disorder Association Directory


    Attention Deficit Disorder Resources National Directory


    ADD Consults Professional Directory


    National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD Professional Directory


Published On: July 25, 2007