Happy Thanksgiving

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  • I want to take this time to say "Happy Thanksgiving" to all our members, readers and those that just stop by. This time of year is for looking back, remembering the blessings you have in your life and for looking forward to the next adventure in our life.


    In keeping with that, I would like to tell you what I am thankful for. Please feel free to add yours to the post.


    There are so many blessings in my life that it is hard to know where to start from. Of course, I am thankful for my family, my husband, my children. They bring me so much joy each day.


    I have been blessed with this opportunity, a way to share knowledge and my experiences with all of you, my readers, in the hopes of making your life a little easier. And so, I am so very thankful for HealthCentral, for everyone behind the scenes who make this happen and work hard to create a place for people dealing with ADHD in their lives to find information, support and understanding.

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    I am grateful for each of you, those who teach me each day how to survive and thrive with, because of and despite, their diagnosis of ADHD. I appreciate each and every comment I receive (even those who don't agree with some of my viewpoints) and cherish the emails I receive letting me know I have touched your life. All of my readers are the reason I spend my days (and many nights) researching, talking and writing about living with ADHD. You are all my inspiration.


    As we look forward to more adventures in our lives, I can only hope that my life continues to be as blessed as it has.


    I wish each of you a truly wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving.



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Published On: November 24, 2010