Faking ADHD for the Medication

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  • Yesterday, I posted information on Is ADHD Medication Addictive? One of the points discussed in that article was college students making up or exaggerating symptoms of ADHD in order to be given a prescription for stimulant medication.


    NBCNews also recently posted an article, ADHD? 1 in 4 may be faking it. According to the article, 22 percent of those seeking treatment for ADHD either tried to make their symptoms worse or made them up altogether. Why would someone try to make symptoms seem worse? Is it because they are afraid if they don't, they won't get a diagnosis? Do they feel the only way a doctor will listen is if they exaggerate the symptoms? What do you think?

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    We can guess  as to why people would make up symptoms that didn't exist. They want the "benefits" of having ADHD. They want either accommodations at school or a prescription for stimulants. They want to be given advantages they don't deserve or need. Some of the comments on the NBC article were from readers with ADHD. They said people that make up symptoms hurt those with ADHD, making doctors more suspicious of anyone who comes in with symptoms of ADHD and making it more difficult for them to receive proper treatment.


    What do you think?



Published On: April 27, 2011