Book Review: "7 Crucial Tips for Parents and Teachers of Children with ADHD"

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  • Title: 7 Crucial Tips for Parents and Teachers of Children with ADHD


    Author: Bryan Hutchinson


    This e-book is available to anyone, for free, and provides valuable information about raising and teaching children with ADHD. The author, Bryan Hutchinson, is an adult with ADHD. He was not diagnosed with ADHD as a child and as a result suffered greatly. It is his hope that by writing about his childhood, the good and the bad, that he can give parents and teachers information, resources and tools to help the child, or children, in their life with ADHD. Bryan's own story, sprinkled throughout the book is what makes this book different than other books about raising a child with ADHD.

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    Although many, if not all, of the concepts discussed in the book you have probably heard before, for example, harsh punishment is detrimental to children with ADHD, he goes further and explains why. Bryan explains that "Spanking and other physical and psychological punishment may provide children with ADHD a dose of adrenalin that helps stimulate their minds into action..." but goes on to say, "The mind can play devastating tricks on a developing self-esteem and the more one is punished, the more these negative thoughts and beliefs solidify."


    This book doesn't just tell you what not to do. Throughout the book, Bryan offers parents and teachers tips and suggestions on how to change their behavior as a way to foster a loving, supportive environment where children with ADHD can grow and thrive. There are hundreds of suggestions on raising happy, healthy, successful, well-adjusted children with ADHD. Bryan has narrowed down the many different perspectives, included what he felt would have best helped him in his childhood and come up with 7 tips he feels are most important for parents and teachers:

    • Avoid harsh punishment
    • Understand children
    • Use positive redirection
    • Foster natural talents, abilities and strengths
    • Show love and caring
    • Discipline
    • Seek professional advice and assistance

    By including both the tips and the personal insight, Bryan offers parents a glimpse into their child's feelings and thoughts. By the end of the book, you may have a better understanding of why your child acts in certain ways, why no matter what you try, their behaviors don't change and may indeed get worse. This understanding helps to foster a more loving and more supportive household and classroom.


    One of the most important aspects of a child's life that Bryan discusses is hope. Without hope, children have no reason to strive to be better, to work hard or to even believe in their future. According to the book, focusing on ADHD symptoms alone extinguishes hope. Learning about, understanding and focusing on your child's individual strengths and talents instills hope. What is it your child is interested in? Where does he or she shine? How can you change your parenting strategies to bring out these interests and strengths? Of course, Bryan doesn't suggest that you ignore the symptoms of ADHD, but wants parents to help children learn to manage symptoms while nurturing your child's dreams and aspirations and showing your unending belief in your child's abilities.


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    The book also explains how a reward system works and why this type of discipline is much more effective than punishment. This doesn't mean that you ignore bad behaviors, but most of the focus should be on rewarding those behaviors you want to see in your child. Bryan's suggestion is to give "reward points" for correct behaviors and take away those points when undesirable behaviors happen.


    Parents frequently struggle to understand their child's ADHD and to learn the best ways to help their child. As Bryan points out, the good news is that parents don't need to do this alone. There are many professionals available to help. Medication, combined with therapy, has been shown to be effective in helping children with ADHD find personal success and happiness and helps them develop self-esteem.


    No matter where you are in raising or teaching a child with ADHD, this e-book offers great advice and insight and I highly recommend downloading, reading it and keeping it for reference as your child grows up. And best of all, it's free. Download 7 Crucial Tips for Parents and Teachers of Children with ADHD.

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Published On: May 23, 2011