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  • The Share Posts here at Health Central offer people a chance to reach out and help one another. For some, the questions are about learning to understand ADHD. For others, there may be questions about living with ADHD on a daily basis. Each person that asks a question is reaching out to others that may have lived through similar situations and can share their experiences, their knowledge and their assistance.


    Please take some time to help others through a difficult or trying situation. As each of us has lived with ADHD in some form for many years, we have much to share, much to teach.


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    Managing ADHD in a small group and social environment.


    Jenn is a Girl Scout leader and is looking for ways to help one young girl in her troop that has ADHD. The attention this young child needs is taking away from group activities. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that can help Jenn to provide a nurturing environment for the child with ADHD while continuing to provide for all of the girls in the Girl Scout Troop?


    Read the question and offer a suggestion.


    Focalin - go back to 5 or stay at 10mg.


    One parent is looking for other people that may have had some experience with the medication Focalin. Has anyone noticed this medication causing emotional outbursts?


    Although this question is definitely one to discuss with your physician, possibly some one has had some experiences with it they might be able to share with our concerned parent.


    Read the Share Post and share your experiences.


    Guilt and ADHD


    One mother with ADHD is trying to cope with day-to-day life as well as raising a child. She is often overwhelmed by the enormous responsibilities that come with parenting ad working. In addition to that, she has ADHD and has found the need to now become involved in her child's education. Tasks such as homework, fundraisers, and other school programs. Just trying to remember the children's and parent's names is sometimes impossible. The guilt that she feels over not being able to do everything is hard for her to cope with.


    Does anyone have any stories they can share to let China know that she is not alone. Knowing that we are not going through this alone is sometimes the best medicine there is. Help China by offering your thoughts and ideas as well as your friendship.


    Read China's story and offer your insight.


    If you should have a question or a story to share, please create a Chare Post for our community.


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Published On: October 14, 2007