How is the school year going?

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • It is now October and children have been back at school for a time. By now, you know what teachers will expect of your children this year. You have seen the amount of homework that is given each night. You may have met teachers. You have an idea of where your child will need extra help. This school year might have you expecting a successful year or you may be wondering if you are going to make it through.


    Whether your child is doing well this year or you are already facing challenges, we want to hear from you.


    Tell your story.


    If the school year is starting out good, what made it that way? Have you done something different or is the teacher making the difference?

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    If you are already wishing the school year was over, what is going on? Where are you seeing the most problems? What areas do you need some advice on?


    Let us know where you are having problems and where you have successes.



Published On: October 21, 2007