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    How is the school year going?


    What have been your experiences so far this year with your children in school? Share your stories, advice and questions about the school year.


    Organizational Styles


    Are you a piler or a filer? Read Eileen's take on her organizational style, some strategies she uses to compensate. What organizational strategies do you use in your house?



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    ADHD in a Small Group


    Last week I let you know about a Share Post from a Girl Scout leader looking for assistance. We have received some replies. Share your experience and join the discussion on how small groups can be of help to children with ADD/ADHD and what a leader can do to help both the child and the group as a whole.

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    Guilt and ADHD


    Join the discussion about adult ADD and the guilt that it can bring. Do you find that guilt plays a role in how you view your life and your relationships?

Published On: October 21, 2007