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    The community at Health Central ADHD is growing, thanks to our members. Join us in conversations, discussions and questions/answers. There is nothing that can replace the advice and suggestions of those that have shared experiences, letting us know that we are not alone in our struggles.


    During this past week:


    Diet and ADHD


    Halloween is coming up and that means our children will be armed with bags of candy. But does their diet really cause hyperactivity and ADHD symptoms? Read Eileen's post on diet and ADHD.


    Children and Violent TV


    Dr. Ballas, our expert medical professional at Health Central ADHD, discusses how watching violence on television can increase aggressive tendencies in children. Although this is more true for younger children, parents need to be aware and understand their role in making sure their children are watching age appropriate television shows.

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    Neurofeedback Question


    Shelly, a member of the Health Central ADHD community, is considering EEG Neurofeedback as a treatment option for her 13 year old son. She is wondering if there are any other community members that have had experience in Neurotherapy and would like to share their experiences.


    Mother of Two ADHD Sons


    Terri is the parent of two boys diagnosed with ADHD over a year ago. Her husband has not been supportive in backing up consequences for inappropriate behavior. Right now, her 12 year old son is having problems with social relationships in school, making rude comments to both his peers and teachers. Any parents that have some advice or suggestions to help Terri cope with her situation?


    Ongoing Discussions


    How is the School Year Going?


    Now that your children have been back at school, what problems are you experiencing and how are you dealing with them?


Published On: October 28, 2007