15 Must Read Posts to Help You Manage the Holiday Season

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    How to Survive the Holidays with ADHD or Autism

    Children with ADHD and autism often become overstimulated during the holiday season. Anxiety may be high and meltdowns may occur with more frequency. HealthCentral’s Health Guide Merely Me provides tips for making the holiday week run smoother.

    Adults with ADD/ADHD: Ten Tips for Making the Most of the Holiday Season

    Some adults with ADHD thrive during the holiday season - the frenzy and fast pace are exactly what they crave! But others find the stress brings out the worst in them. We have tips for helping you enjoy the holiday season.

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    Tips for Traveling During the Holidays with Children with ADHD

    Are you getting ready to visit family? Do you worry about how your children are going to behave? Or are you concerned that you are going to be totally exhausted having to deal with “ADHD on the road?” Planning ahead may just be the answer. Check out the tips to make your family visit more pleasant and enjoyable.

    Handling Stress During the Holidays: 20 Tips

    You want to enjoy the holiday season. You are determined to enjoy the holiday season. But every year the stress gets the best of you. Here are some strategies to help you minimize the stress.


    Avoiding Impulsive Purchases When Holiday Shopping

    Impulsive shopping can be fun. Wandering through stores waiting for the right gift to “speak to you.” But impulsive shopping can also break your budget or be extremely frustrating. Learn ways to curb your impulsive shopping, stay on track and stay on budget.

    Tips for Holiday Shopping with Children with ADHD

    Spending long stretches of time in a shopping mall with children, especially those with ADHD, can be a harrowing experience. It offers so many opportunities for them to get into trouble or act up. Eileen Bailey gives you tips for making shopping with children with ADHD a little easier.

    Adults with ADHD: Tips for Holiday Shopping

    What category do you fit it? Love the holidays. Hate shopping. Break the budget. Never get anything accomplished. No matter what type of holiday person you are, we have some tips to help you get through the excitement and the shopping of the season.

    Managing the Holiday with Children

    Surviving the Holidays with ADD/ADHD Children

    There’s no doubt about it. The holidays are a hectic and stressful time - which means ADHD is going to be in high gear. Learn how to give your children consistency and the extra support they need during the holiday season.

    The Holidays, Teens and Risky Behaviors

    It isn’t only younger children that feel the stress of the holiday season and act out - teens can and do as well. Check out how to help your teen develop independence while minimizing risky and dangerous behavior.

    Holiday Challenges for Children With ADHD

    What is it about the holidays that make you stressed? depressed? cranky? Understanding why and how the holiday presents challenges for children with ADHD can help you deal with them - one at a time - and give everyone a more peaceful holiday.

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    Adults with ADHD

    Holiday Depression in Adults with ADHD

    While we think of the holidays as a happy and joyous time, many people feel depressed at this time of year. Your expectations of the holiday may never come to be or you may suffer from the winter blues. Learn about what can cause depression during the holiday season and what you can do about it.

    Taking Charge of the Holidays

    Are you planning a holiday dinner or party? Terry Matlen provides some guidance on how to make these events a success - despite your lack of organization, cooking skills or decorating skills

    Managing Overstimulation During the Holidays

    The lights, the anticipation, the parties, wrapping presents. We offer strategies to help you simplify your holiday season and leave more room for celebrating with family and friends.

    Organizing Your Holiday Season

    Organization and planning are frequently hard traits to come across in adults with ADHD, but during the holiday season they are a must! Deborah provides ways you can be organized for gifts, shopping and dinners.

    Sending Holiday Greeting Cards

    Do you often wonder how it is people manage to send holiday cards to all their friends and family? It takes organization and self-discipline and too often the daunting task goes by the wayside. Suggestions for getting holiday cards out on a timely (before the holiday) basis.

Published On: December 12, 2013