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    Welcome Terry Matlen


    Terry Matlen, author of "Survival Tips for Women with ADHD" and director of ADD Consults, has joined Health Central's ADHD site as an expert. Terry will be contributing articles and share posts as well as answering some of the member's questions. Please take a moment to wish Terry a warm welcome. I am sure that she will be a wonderful asset to this community and web site.


    I Don't Know How to Go About This


    One member is looking for information on the diagnostic process for her son. She believes that her son is exhibiting many of the symptoms of ADHD but as she is in the Coast Guard and is not home all the time, she isn't sure how to go about this. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas that may be able to help this mother?

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    ADHD and Creativity


    Are ADHD and creativity linked? Some studies have shown that there is a high incident rate of high creativity in individuals with ADHD. Share your opinion.


    When Your Child and Their Teacher Don't Get Along


    Having a good teacher that connects with your child can make all the difference in the success of your child during the school year. Unfortunately, some years your child may end up with a teacher that just doesn't connect or just doesn't seem to understand ADHD. What do you do then?


    Need Vyvanse Users / Past Users


    A national research firm is looking for participants in a study.







Published On: November 25, 2007