How Do You Deal With ADHD Naysayers?

Eileen Bailey Health Guide

    With the holiday season comes family gatherings, get togethers with friends and other social events. Along the way, you may come across some people that don't really "believe" in ADHD. They may make comments, indicating that children that are disciplined properly don't have problems or maybe they talk about how the medications for ADHD are never good. Maybe they feel that ADHD is used as an excuse for being lazy or just a way of blaming something for the mistakes made in life.


    For those of us who deal with ADHD in our daily lives, whether we have ADHD, our spouses have ADHD or our children have ADHD, we understand the struggles and difficulties. We know that forgetting is not just being inconsiderate, that being late was not meant to offend someone.

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    How then, do you deal with those people that insist on making the negative comments? One of the most common reactions is to become angry or frustrated. Another response may be to try to explain ADHD, hoping to get this person to be more understanding.


    Whether you choose to debate the validity of ADHD or you simply walk away, the comments made by others can be hurtful. Your evening may be ruined or maybe you have turned down a few invitations to avoid being around people that make you feel uncomfortable.


    This can be disheartening and frustrating to many of us. Please add a comment and share how you handle this type of situation. Sharing our ideas may help us to better cope during this holiday season.


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Published On: November 29, 2007