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    ADHD Relapse


    One member is looking for advice on how to get his life back in order. Although he has been taking medication, recent life stresses have him overwhelmed. Can anyone offer some suggestions to help our member get his life back on track?


    Impulsive Mom in Nebraska Living with ADHD


    One member shares her story of her struggles and triumphs with ADHD. She also is a health care worker and is looking to share her experiences to help others.


    How Do You Deal with ADHD Naysayers?


    What do you do when you come across someone that doesn't see ADHD as a valid disorder or maybe they believe your children just need some discipline. Share your experiences and how you handle this situation.

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    Grace Grief and ADHD - the Beginning


    One member shares her heart felt story of raising children with special needs. She has fears and her dreams with us. Let Andie Jo know that she is not alone.


    DORE Program


    Has anyone had any experience with the DORE program as a treatment for ADHD? Share your experiences or thoughts on this program.


    Occupational Therapy and Handwriting


    Has anyone had any experience in using Occupational Therapy to help improve handwriting. One mother is interested in hearing about other people's experience with this.


    The Health Crisis in America: Too Many Uninsured


    Eileen Bailey shares her thoughts on the current crisis in America. Why are so many people uninsured and unable to afford the cost of health insurance?






Published On: December 03, 2007