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    When Dreams Don't Die


    It was 30 years ago that I decided I wanted to become a writer. It took almost that long for the dream to become a reality. Hope doesn't die and dreams can come true, no matter how long it may take.


    The High Cost of Prescription Drugs


    In the US, the cost of prescription drugs is skyrocketing. Too many people have to make a choice and give up other necessities in life in order to pay for their medication.

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    How Can I Tell Husband of 21 Years I Fell He Has ADD?


    Shastar, a member here at Health Central is looking for support and encouragement while she gets ready to tell her husband that she thinks he has ADD. Read the post and let Shastar know that she is not alone.


    Living With a Child with ADHD


    One member is looking for information on parenting a child with ADHD. Do you have any suggestions or advice to offer?


    Das Mah Mommay


    Okay, so this post is from my son, and I thank him very much. It was touching when I read this.


    Mystery Solved: Stumbling Upon My Own ADHD Diagnosis


    Terry Matlen shares how she learned that she had ADHD, how she felt after being diagnosed and why she chose to help others struggling with ADHD.



Published On: December 10, 2007