I Need Your Help

Eileen Bailey Health Guide

    I am wondering if the members here at Health Central would be able to help me. I know that many people read the Share Posts each week (I see the statistics for the site), however, very few people post a Share Post and even fewer answer questions or add comments to other Share Posts.


    My questions are:


    1) What are the reasons that few people post?

    2) Do you find the Share Post system confusing or hard to understand?

    3) What could I do to help people become more active on our Share Posts?


    Please take a moment to add a comment and let me know your opinion, both good and bad about the Share Post system. I know how wonderful it can be to feel part of a site and to be able to "give and take" information and to share ideas. I want that to be a part of the ADD site here at Health Central and need your help.  Please let me know.

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    Eileen Bailey

Published On: December 10, 2007