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Eileen Bailey Health Guide

    New At This/How Do I Deal With School


    A mother that is new to ADHD is looking for suggestions to help her daughter in school. For those parents that have worked with schools in the past, do you have any suggestions and ideas to share?


    Why Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is My Favorite Christmas Character


    Rudolph never seemed to fit in and felt alone and isolated. But eventually, his limitation became his best asset. How will you let your light shine this Christmas season?

    You've Just Been Diagnosed with AD/HD, Now What?


    Terry Matlen shares the steps to take when you first receive a diagnosis of ADHD as an adult.

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    Transitioning into Holidays and Vacations: Falling into the Black Abyss


    Holidays are full of stress, rushing around and changing our normal routines. Steps to take to help you transition into the holidays and enjoy this special time.


    ADHD and SPD


    Is there a link between Sensory Processing Disorder and are people often misdiagnosed with one when they actually have the other? One reader poses this question.


    Celiacs Disease and ADHD


    What, if any, is the correlation between Celiacs Disease and ADHD? One reader wonders if undiagnosed Celiacs Disease can lead to ADHD.

Published On: December 17, 2007