Holiday Tip: Gift Wrapping Can Provide Organization

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    The last week before Christmas is always hectic in my house. There are so many last minute things to do. There is the food shopping and the gifts we forgot to buy, or maybe we just put them off and haven't gone shopping yet. There are still school projects, recitals and concerts to attend to. And of course, there is gift wrapping.


    Around our house, especially when all five of my children are home Christmas morning, at least one person is missing a gift or their gift ends up on someone else's pile. To solve this problem I have begun using the color coded gifts. Before wrapping, I assign each child a color. One will be red, one green, one blue and so on. Then I purchase gift wrap so that I have enough of each color to wrap one child's presents. All gifts for a child are wrapped in the same color gift wrap. There may be a couple of different style wrapping paper, but they will all have the same background color.

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    When putting out gifts, it is easy, I just sort them according to color and each child has their own gifts. On Christmas morning, they know what color they are and if a gift is misplaced, it is easy to spot.


    This system has served me well through the years and I hope that it can help you to make Christmas morning a little more organized in your house. (Of course, we still occasionally have the problem of a missing gift when I can't remember all my hiding places, but that one I haven't quite solved yet!)


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Published On: December 18, 2007