Give the Gift of Knowledge (And it won’t cost you a cent)

Eileen Bailey Health Guide

    This holiday season share the gift of knowledge with someone you know that is living with ADHD. Do you know someone recently diagnosed with ADHD? Or maybe you know a teacher, someone who works with children with ADHD on a regular basis? (How about your children's teachers?) Maybe someone you work with is struggling each day or looking for ways to help their child succeed. Maybe a neighbor or a friend has ADHD or someone in their family does.


    This year, pass along Health Central's ADHD site and let them know that there is help available. Let them know they are not alone. Let them know there is a place they can find out coping strategies from people who have been there, and are still there. The experts here at Health Central know from experience as well as medical knowledge. We know because we live with ADHD every day, through ourselves or through our children.

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    When I wrote for, I could boast about having one of the largest and most comprehensive sites about ADHD on the internet. My plans for Health Central are just as large, let's make this the absolute best site on ADHD!!


    Forward the URL: to someone that you care about. If you find an article that you think might be of particular interest, there is an "Email this Page" link on every page.


    This week, when you receive our newsletter, make a point to forward it to several people you know. Pass it on, share the knowledge.



    Thanks and have a wonderful holiday!!!




Published On: December 20, 2007