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    The School


    By Tyasfree


    One mother is frustrated with her experiences with her son's school. She feels the principal is reacting to problems her husband had in school when he was there. Also, she is frustrated with the lack of help. Is there someone that can offer some support or suggestions on how this mother can best help her son?


    When is a Temper Tantrum Just a Temper Tantrum? Or is it Time to Get Help?


    By Terry Matlen


    Does your child have temper tantrums on a regular basis? Do they interfere with yours or your child's daily life? Are you concerned that there may be something wrong? Terry Matlen offers some insight into temper tantrums and when it may be time to talk with your doctor.

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    What Medication Works Best?


    By kjeanpierre


    When a child has ADHD and autism, choosing a medication is very difficult? One parent wants to know if anyone has had experience with this situation and how they might be best able to help their son.


    Give the Gift of Knowledge (And it won't cost you a cent)


    By Eileen Bailey


    Eileen talks about the importance of sharing information on this site with other people that may be struggling with issues of ADHD. Do you know of anyone that you could forward an article, a share post or the weekly newsletter with? Let them begin the new year knowing they are not alone and help them find the information they need to better cope.


    Ransom Notes Ad Campaign to Promote Mental Health Awareness: Helpful? Or in Bad Taste?


    By Terry Matlen


    Terry discusses a recent ad campaign that has a provocative and controversial approach toward improving awareness of childhood psychiatric disorders. Read the Share Post and see what you think.


    Sometimes I wonder why...


    By Scott


    A heartfelt Share Post about living with Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. Scott shares his frustrations and his triumphs.






Published On: December 25, 2007