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  • We've made some changes to our site, but, rest assured, we are still dedicated to providing accurate, reliable information to our readers. The improvements we have made are an effort to make it easier for you to find the information you are looking for and to make your experience at at better one.


    Some of the changes on our front page:


    Our front page has a cleaner look. We have updated some of our categories to create a more organized structure. All of the articles are still there, hopefully, in a way to help you find them easier. We also now have an "ADHD Quizzes" section for you to test your knowledge. See the Front Page of

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    We also added a "Feature of the Week." Each week we will feature a new article to help you manage your ADHD symptoms.


    The featured Share Posts are bigger and we have four share posts highlighted on the front page for you to see what other people in our community are saying.


    Some of the other changes on the site:


    Our other pages feature a colorful menu on the top of each page. This will help you find what you are looking for quickly. Just roll your mouse over the menu and the subcategories will appear.


    A cleaner look can be found throughout the entire site. Our categories are in boxes to make it easier to see. Additionally, you can easily find: The Most Viewed ADHD Articles as well as information on common ADHD medications and current news stories by clicking on the tabs in the "Most Viewed" box on article and category pages. You can see an example at: Children, Teens and Adults


    The pages with lists of articles to read have changed as well. There are a few articles "Featured" at the top of the page with some information you need to know. Additional articles are listed below. Our "Most Viewed" box is again on the page, letting you quickly see our most popular articles. You can see an example at:

    ADHD in Young Children


    Our articles pages contain the same, easy to use menu at the top, the "Most Viewed" box to the right of the article as well as a featured Share Post at the bottom. The format change will hopefully make it easier for you to read the articles. You can see an example at "When to See a Doctor for your School Age Child with AD/HD"


    Our Share Post page is also easier to read and navigate. Of course, the "Most Viewed" box is there, the menu is at the top of the page and the clean format makes it visually appealing. In addition, you can find Recent Posts from the person posting, so you can read more from them, as well as their profile. There are still links to post replies or create your own Share Post. See an example at: Media and Scare Tactics


    I think all the changes are wonderful and am sure that you will agree.


    On the bottom, right hand corner, there is a poll about the site. Please take just a moment to let us know your opinion.


    We can only continue to get better but we want to know what you think!






Published On: January 10, 2008