Spouse Denial - Setting Goals to Improve Your Relationship

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • Now that you have re-established a connection with your spouse, it is time to move forward to correct specific areas of your relationship. Some of these may be personal goals for each of you, for example, you may want to make a goal of trying not to interfere when you spouse helps out around the house. Your spouse may have some goals of their own, such as completing projects before beginning another one.


    You may also have goals specific to the relationship. Some examples might include:


    • Having a once a week talk to reconnect, evaluate progress on goals and work on new goals.
    • Have a "date" once a week or once every other week, even if it means staying home and spending time together after the children are in bed. It would be great if you could get out together, whether it is taking a walk in the park or going out to dinner.


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    Your goals will need to be specific to your relationship and your situation. Remember, work on one area of your relationship at a time. Trying to correct many problems at one time will tend to overwhelm both of you.


    Most of all, find ways to enjoy each other.


Published On: January 27, 2008