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    We've had quite a bit going on in our Share Posts over the past week or so and I wanted to take the time to share some of this. So many people just need to know there is someone out there that understands.


    Read what our members are talking about and add your own experiences;


    Dalton's Mom


    One mother is looking for ways to help her son (in third grade) make friends and feel more accepted. Any parents that may have suggestions on how they handled this?


    New Meds


    One mother just wants to share her excitement that the new medication they have tried is working well for her daughter. Join in this triumph!

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    Spending Help


    One member finds herself impulsively spending money and causing financial problems. Has any other member experienced this and what did you do to work it out?


    Heartbroken Auntie


    A young boy with ADHD and ODD is having many problems in school and a judge is threatening to take him from his home. What recourse do his parents have?


    Can't Get it All Done


    Share in this lively discussion on adult ADD, trying to accomplish everything and feeling as if you can't get anything accomplished.


    Japanese People with ADHD


    One member from Japan is looking for assistance in helping to spread the word about Adult ADHD in Japan.


    Coming to Grips with Your Child's Differences


    Expert Terry Matlen shares insight and advice when a parent must face their child's disabilities and differences.


    Who Has a Teen with ADHD


    One parent is looking for advice on raising a teen with ADHD, especially when the teen refuses to admit their ADHD and refuses treatment. What experiences can you share to help this parent?


    Can you offer advice, share experiences or do you have a question yourself? Join our members on our share posts.

Published On: February 03, 2008