The Many Faces of ADHD

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • ADHD is not a "one size fit all" diagnosis. Although there are some main characteristics common in people with ADHD, there are also many differences. You might have a problem with following conversations or keeping up with daily responsibilities. Another person might struggle with balancing their work and family life and keeping it all running smoothly. Yet another person may have problems with impulsive behaviors.


    We can, however, all learn from one another. We can offer support and inspiration through our stories. That is what The Many Faces of ADHD is all about. Finding out how others are coping with daily life, finding out what helps them succeed.

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    This new feature at will focus on the stories of our members and the ADHD community. These stories can help us to know that we are not alone.


    If you are interested in being profiled in this new and exciting section, please send a message to Eileen. If you would like to write your own story, that is great. If not, Eileen can interview you (either by phone or email) and write it for you. You can find the link to send a message under the photo on Eileen's profile



    Parents, family members and friends, we want to hear from you to. Let us know how ADHD impacts your life.


    These profiles will be written in the share posts and brought together in one special area of the site to make them easier to find.
Published On: February 08, 2008