The Many Faces of ADHD

Eileen Bailey Health Guide

    I hope that everyone has been enjoying the Many Faces of ADHD so far. It is important that we all learn from each other, share experiences and most of all, know that we are not alone in our struggles.


    It is with this in mind that I began this project. So far we have the following "faces"


    Steven's Profile


    Dr. Amen


    Brooke's Profile

    Stardust's Profile


    Eileen's Story


    Newly Diagnosed: One Man's Story


    Mystery Solved: Stumbling Upon My Own Diagnosis (Terry's story)



    I am still looking for more people, those living with ADHD, parenting a child with ADHD, living with someone with ADHD or treating ADHD to share their stories and thoughts. If interested, please email me (you can send me a message through the link at the bottom of my profile) and let me know. I will be in touch and we will find a time to talk on the phone or via email.

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Published On: March 11, 2008