Your Child, Their Dreams

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    Allowing our children to nurture their own dreams can be the greatest gift we can give them.


    As new parents holding our infant, we are filled with emotion. We dream of life and all possibilities it holds. We imagine our child growing up, graduating from high school, going to college, landing the perfect job, and becoming president. We dream of our children being famous athletes or movie stars. We nurture our dreams. By the time they are walking we have perfected our fantasy of how their lives should turn out.

    But these are our dreams and fantasies. Each child holds their own potential and abilities, their own dreams, their own ideas of the perfect life. It is ultimately, their dreams they must follow, their own rainbows they must chase and their own abilities they must live up to.

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    But what happens when the child's abilities do not match our expectations? What happens when a parent is faced with a child that can't seem to pass school? Where does the parent turn? Do they blame the child for being lazy, do they yell and scream and punish? It is the strong and loving parent that searches for answers. Sometimes, the answer can be as simple as a child having Attention Deficit Disorder.


    ADHD is a disorder that can cause inattention, hyperactivity, impulsiveness and excitability in children and adults. Individuals with ADHD may know what to do but do not consistently do what they know because of their impulsiveness.


    A child with ADHD can have the intelligence to do well in school and in life. But they do not always have the ability to do the work, remember their assignments or receive good grades. It is up to the parent to put aside their expectations and to accept the child for who he really is.


    Learn to Accept Your Child for Who They Are


    Acceptance is allowing our children to follow their own path. But at the same time, encouraging and supporting our child, guiding them to work their hardest, to not accept failure or their "condition" as an excuse for failure. We must create an atmosphere of success, finding achievement in the smallest of details. Parents of children with ADHD take one achievement at a time. When a child hands in their homework for an entire week, CELEBRATE. If they pass a class they were previously failing, CELEBRATE.


    Raising a child with ADHD, takes patience, effort and hard work. Lowering expectations and allowing the child room for improvement works much better than asking the child to move up to where we feel he should be. Success comes one step at a time.


    Take the time to take inventory of where your child is and try to build from there, many people have succeeded and surpassed all of our expectations. For example, Albert Einstein, Mozart, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, John F. Kennedy and Whoopie Goldberg all have shown signs of having ADHD or a learning disability. Nurture the creativity and intelligence, and let each child blossom in their own way. There is no telling where they may end up.


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Published On: April 11, 2008