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    Recently, Terry posted a few Share Posts on some of the problems children with ADHD have going to bed, getting to sleep and staying asleep:


    When Your Child Refuses to Go to Bed: 10 Tips for a Peaceful Bedtime Routine


    ADHD and Sleep Problems: New Study on Children


    Reading these posts brought back many memories of when my son, with ADHD, was younger. He had a difficult time falling asleep and because of hyperactivity, would stay in bed only for a few minutes and be back up wanting a drink or needing to use the bathroom. This could go on for hours until I would finally be able to settle him down.

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    This is obviously a problem that many parents of children with ADHD face each day. Because of this, I searched around the Sleep Disorder site to try to find some information on insomnia that may help:


    The First 48 Hours; Insomnia


    Insomnia and Depression in Young and Old


    Are Your Kids Having Trouble Sleeping?


    Overcoming Insomnia: No More Counting Sheep


    I hope some of this information helps and allows you and your family to get a good night's rest.

Published On: April 25, 2008