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    We all know that exercise can improve our mood, keep us healthy and improve our brain's functioning. But so many, including myself, don't know where to start and therefore put off this important part of our lives.


    This week, I took some time to discover what information HealthCentral has to offer in providing information on beginning an exercise program.


    This is some of the information I found that may be of interest to you:



    Exercise Primer


    This very informative primer gives information on the different exercise methods, how exercise impacts other health conditions and provides ways to motivate yourself to begin an exercise program.

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    Ideal Body Weight Calculator


    This calculator will help you determine what weight you should be trying to reach for ideal health.




    This page is full of articles to help you get motivated and stay motivated to keep you on track.


    Fitness and Family


    Do you want to know how to set up and exercise program your whole family can get involved in? This may help to bring your family together, spend quality time together and get fit at the same time.


    Ask a Question


    Do you have a question you would like to ask an exercise expert? This is the perfect place to find out information you have been looking for.

Published On: May 29, 2008