Summer Time Tips for Your Child With ADHD

Eileen Bailey Health Guide

    Summer is upon us, school is out, vacations are right around the corner. I wanted to let you know about some great summertime content that we have here on ADHDCentral to help you get through the next few months:


    Activities to Keep Children Entertained


    Looking for ways to keep your children stimulated, focused and amused?  Our ADHD Expert Eileen Bailey shares her tips for keeping children entertained throughout the year.


    Finding a Summer Camp for Your Child with ADHD


    When sending a child with ADHD off to summer camp, there are a number of different considerations, such as day camp vs. overnight and specialty camp for children with ADHD vs. mainstream camp. Help for parents trying to decide what is best for their child.

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    Summertime and the ADHD Child


    As parents of children with ADHD, do you look forward to the long days of summer and the break from school, or is this time of year worrisome? Summer can offer both structure and fun and relaxation. Parents need to provide activities balanced with free time.


    Summertime Reading


    Research shows that children that read over the summer months do better in school.  Children with ADHD often have difficulty or fall behind in their schoolwork.  They often struggle to keep up with class work.  Developing a reading program can provide your child with an advantage during the next school year. 


    ADHD Medication in the Summer


    In the past, giving children a "medication holiday" was considered the right thing to do. Today, however, there are arguments both for continuing medication and for stopping medication while school is not in session. A look at the pros and cons of continuing medication during the summer.

    Going on Vacation? Prepare for Your Return Before You Leave.

    Are you planning to take some time off work? Taking a break from work can provide a much needed break; it can give you rest and relaxation. Vacations can be exciting and exhilarating. Vacations can leave you feeling energized. But when it is time to return to work, will you end up wishing you had never taken any time off?


    I hope this information helps you enjoy your summer!!




Published On: June 11, 2008