The Many Faces of ADHD: Kaori

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • Kaori is 42 years old and is Japanese. She was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 35, She currently lives in Japan and is discouraged by the lack of information and resources for adults with ADHD in her country.


    Kaori has been searching for an explanation of what has caused her differences and her struggles since she was 19. It was at that age she was diagnosed with depression and began attending sessions at a mental health clinic. It was not until shortly before her diagnosis that information about ADHD began appearing in Japan. Her doctor opened a clinic due to the lack of resources for adults with ADHD. Because there is so few doctors in Japan to treat adult ADHD, the waiting list is very long and appointments are hard to come by.

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    In Japan, it is difficult for adults with ADHD to receive treatment, although it is becoming more common for children to be diagnosed and treated for ADHD, it is not readily accepted that adults also have ADHD. In addition, Kaori indicated that Ritalin is no longer available. Last year, there was a problem when a non-ADD patient misused Ritalin and committed a crime. Since then, Ritalin has not been available. She is hoping that Concerta will be approved for use soon, but until then Cylert is the only medication available to Kaori.


    When she was growing up, no one understood ADHD. Kaori was seen as lazy or crazy. She was married for a short period of time, but the marriage ended after one year. Kaori ended up with health problems and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a result of the marriage.



    Kaori wants to be the positive person she once was and wishes there was someone that could understand her. Even though she feels frustration and is discouraged by the lack of attention to ADHD in her country, Kaori continues to look for help, searching the internet for information, posting thoughts at sites such as and continuing to try to find her "miracle."



Published On: August 19, 2008