Helping Your Child in School

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  • Children with ADHD often struggle in school, not because they lack the intelligence to succeed, but they may lack the ability to pay attention, may lose or forget to hand in homework or simply need some additional, one-on-one attention to reinforce or learn the lesson they missed (while daydreaming or not paying attention during school).


    The U.S. Department of Education offers "Helping Your Child" booklets that can assist parents with activities and lessons in various subjects. The booklets are geared at elementary age students (ages 3 through 10) and come in both English and Spanish.


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    I have provided links to these booklets so that parents can work with their children:


    Helping Your Child Learn Science


    Helping Your Child Learn History


    Helping Your Child Learn Mathematics


    Helping Your Child Become a Reader


    Helping Your Child with Homework


    Helping Your Preschool Child


    Helping Your Child Succeed in School


    Helping Your Child Through Early Adolescence


    I know first hand how difficult it is when a child struggles in school. Their confidence and self-esteem suffer. Parents become frustrated and teachers do not always understand the unique needs of children with ADHD.


    Hopefully, these booklets can be of some help and will provide parents with information they need to create a positive learning environment.


Published On: September 22, 2008