Be Thankful for ADHD

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • At this busy time of the year, it is easy to become frustrated, to lose patience and to become overwhelmed.


    For both adults and children with ADHD, the holidays are a frantic time, overstimulation tends to accentuate the symptoms of ADHD. But ADHD offers many gifts to each person. So, as Thanksgiving approaches, I have decided to provide five reasons to be thankful for those gifts and to reflect, not on the shortcomings often felt during the rush of the holiday season, but on what ADHD may add to our lives.


    Please add your thoughts and what ADHD brings to your life and your family. On Thanksgiving morning, or throughout the upcoming holiday season, review the list. Remember each person is unique, each person brings joy to others and each offers something special to your family. Take time to focus on yours and your children’s strengths. Below is my list of “five reasons to be thankful for ADHD.”

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    1)The endless energy. During the rush of the holiday season, who couldn’t use an extra burst of energy. For those with ADHD, the boundless amount of energy can be used to accomplish so much more. While those unfortunate souls that do not have ADHD run down their batteries and are ready for a nap, the hyperactivity and energy of people with ADHD keep going and can achieve so much more.


    2)The creativity and outside the box thinking. Many people with ADHD have much creativity. This combined with the energy can bring unique and exciting benefits to a holiday season. While we all may love their traditional Thanksgiving dinners, use your creativity to come up with new dishes or creative ways to display the dinner.


    3)The spontaneity. People with ADHD can add the spice to an otherwise boring day. Jumping in to activities or being able to adding unplanned fun can create interest and make the day enjoyable for everybody.


    4)Problem solving. Any holiday dinner or family get together is bound to have it’s problems or glitches. Being able to think on your feet and find creative solutions definitely has it’s perks at this time of year.


    5)Imagination and humor. No matter what goes wrong, sometimes it is just a matter of perspective. Having the turkey fall to the floor or forgetting to turn on the oven (this has happened in my home) can create challenges. Finding creative solutions to these problems are definitely a strong point. People with ADHD are known for thinking “outside the box” for finding creative solutions is a major plus. At the very least, finding humor can help make a "bad" situation seem funny and the ability to laugh at our mistakes makes life so much better.


    Okay, this list is just a beginning. There are many, many reasons to be thankful for the gifts you (or your children) have been given. Take a few minutes to write a response to this post and add your own reasons to be thankful. By reading other posts, you may just get a new perspective on what you once saw as a weakness. What are your gifts??

Published On: November 21, 2008