Coping with the Holidays

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  • This week, I decided to take a tour of and bring you information on dealing with the holidays from five different perspectives. Below are links to articles and resources on coping with the holidays:


    The ADHD Holiday Help Guide


    Of course, the first site on my list is ADHD. From dealing with hyperactive children to finding the right gifts for children with ADHD to helping adults with ADHD cope with the overwhelm of this busy season and learning the best way to make New Year's resolutions, this guide will help you manage all different aspects of this holiday season.


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    Holiday Blues Quiz


    Are you suffering from the "holiday blues"?  The Depression site has a quiz to help you find out how you can deal with some of the stresses brought about by the holiday season.


    How to Manage Your Holiday Anxiety


    Whether dealing with overwhelm, an anxiety disorder or depression during this holiday season, this holiday guide will offer tips, advice and much more for making the most of the holidays.


    Mood Disorders During the Holiday Season


    Stress can have a major impact on mood disorders and as much as this is the season for goodwill, it is also the season of stress. Take this quiz to see if you know how stress can affect mood disorders.


    Dealing With Winter S.A.D.Ness


    From the sleep site here at HealthCentral, one expert, Florence  Cardinal, explains Seasonal Affective Disorder and offers information to help understand SAD and offers tips for coping.

Published On: December 24, 2008