Does Your School Allow Corporal Punishment?

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  • What would you think if your child came home from school and told you he or she had been spanked by the teacher? For many parents, this is a thing of the past. Twenty eight states have banned corporal punishment but twenty two states still allow some types of corporal punishment, or allow individual school districts to decide.


    Some parents believe the school should be allowed to use physical discipline when a child gets out of line or breaks a rule, but others are adamantly against any type of corporal punishment.

  publishes a list of states where corporal punishment is allowed. Check out the page to see if your state has banned the use of physical discipline or if it is still allowed. 

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    Recently, I posted an article on this subject and explained how parents can go about finding out more about the discipline policy at their school.


    Do you agree with corporal punishment in the schools? If your school district does not allow it, would you agree with bringing it back? Or do you believe schools should use other discipline measures?


    Let me know what you think.


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Published On: February 09, 2009