Book Review: ADHD and Me: what I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • Last month I asked people about the book, "ADHD and me: what I learned from lighting fires at the dinner table", and several people commented on what a wonderful book this was and how it explained ADHD in terms teenagers, children and adults could relate to.


    I couldn't agree more. Blake Taylor shares many examples of ADHD behaviors from his own life, giving a first hand perspective to living with ADHD. Blake also provides practical advice on how to deal with many of the daily challenges of ADHD. But as much as Blake shares the challenges, he also discusses the positive side of ADHD and provides a look inside his life.

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    For teens, this book can provide inspiration as well as advice, after all it was written while Blake was still a teen himself. Teens with ADHD may feel as if they don't fit in, and feel alone, but this book can help them to understand they are not alone.


    For parents of children with ADHD, the book provides a glimpse into how your children may be feeling and what impact ADHD has on not only academics but in their social life.


    This book is definitely a "must read" for anyone whose life is impacted by ADHD.

Published On: March 12, 2009