Book Club: The Gift of Adult ADD

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • The Gift of Adult ADD works to help adults discover strengths, rather than weaknesses, and use these strengths to help improve relationships, do better at work and make your life better.


    The book is written by Lara Honos-Webb, PhD. She has also written The Gift of ADHD (a parenting book). Dr. Honos-Webb includes exercises in her books to help readers become personally involved in the concepts.


    The book The Gift of Adult ADD works to transform a person's thinking and perception of ADD to create a better life, explaining why today's digital world can actually work to the benefit of those with ADHD. In addition, the book includes stories of successful people with ADHD.

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    I have not yet read this book but will share my thoughts of it with you when I have completed it.


    If anyone has read the book, please tell us your thoughts. Did you enjoy the book? Did you complete the exercises? Were they helpful? Would you recommend this book to other adults with ADHD?

Published On: March 12, 2009