New Study Shows Recess is an Important Part of School Day

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  • As parents, we know the benefit of exercise for our children. Exercise can help calm a hyperactive child, help to keep a child focused and provide a much needed break for the parents. During the school day, recess provides the much needed break from academics and gives the child a way to use pent up energy.


    As a parent of a son with ADHD, I know that when recess was not possible, the afternoons dragged on for my son. I know that when he remained inside for recess to complete work, the day did not go so well.


    There has been a great deal of research on how exercise can help increase focus and attention. A recent study backed up this data, and took it one step further, specifically testing academic abilities with exercise.

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    According to the study, children (not ADHD) performed better in academics, especially reading comprehension, after exercising. The study monitored twenty 9-year old children and measured their attention and academic achievement after 20 minutes of exercise and compared to their responses from the previous day when they were tested after a resting period.


    Researchers saw an improvement in accuracy as well as attention. In addition, when achievement tests were given after a period of exercise, children performed better in reading comprehension, sometimes by as much as a full grade level. Math and spelling also improved, however, the margins were not as great.


    Recess, it seems, is an extremely important part of the school day.





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Published On: April 02, 2009