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Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • As part of the ADHDCentral community, I would like to invite all of the members to find me on Facebook and invite me to be your friend.


    Facebook offers the opportunity to share additional information, to let members know of new articles, new information and to create another source for reaching out to other people in our ADHD community.


    For those already a member of Facebook, search for Eileen Bailey and send me an invitation to be your friend. (My picture is there so you will know it is me.) If you prefer, you can send me a message with your email or your name and I will send you a friend invitation.

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    For those not yet on Facebook, visit the site to decide whether you want to join.


    I will regularly be posting updates on new articles and share posts for not only ADHDCentral but other information that may be helpful, such as information on AnxietyConnection and Friends Of Quinn.


    Let's expand our abilities to share information with one another and learn from each person's experiences.


    Thanks and I hope to see all of you on Facebook.

Published On: April 17, 2009