Question of the Week: Do You Have a Funny ADHD Moment?

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • A while back, Terry Matlen wrote a share post talking about stopping to laugh at the funny "ADHD moments" in your life. There are, I am sure, many of those moments in each person's life.


    I can remember when my son was much younger. One morning, as I was feeding my youngest son breakfast, my daughter asked for a glass of orange juice. My son offered to get her juice. He got up, went to the refrigerator, took out the juice and poured a glass. He put the juice away (suprisingly, but he did put it away). He then picked up the glass of juice, drank it and sat back down. In that moment when he put the juice away, he had completely forgotten why he had poured the juice. We all sat and looked at him and had to laugh at the moment.

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    It is good to take the time to laugh at these moments and not be too hard on ourselves or those in our lives.


    So my question this week is:


    Do You Have a Funny ADHD Moment?



Published On: July 28, 2009