Question of the Week: Most Embarrassing Moment

Eileen Bailey Health Guide
  • Merely Me's share post this week reminded me that we all have embarrasssing moments. These moments may revolve around us or may involve our children. A while back, I wrote about "When People Stare" in which my son turned off the escalator in the mall, while people were on it. When you or your child lives with ADHD, these moments are embarrassing (momentarily) but should never define you (or your child).


    It is important to keep these moments in perspective and know that who you are, who your children are, is much deeper and much more involved than an embarrassing moment now and again.


    Let us know what your embarrassing moment might have been. The one where people stared or someone judged your family. Hopefully, by sharing you will be able to laugh about that moment.

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Published On: September 22, 2009