Sending Holiday Greeting Cards

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  • Each year, as I receive greeting cards in the mail, I have thoughts of returning the holiday cheer. Unfortunately, I never get around to mailing my own cards. It seems such a daunting task. You must have all the addresses of your friends and relatives. You must have supplies, pens, cards, and stamps. You must organize your time to write all the cards out in time for each recipient to receive their card before Christmas. Even supposing all of that is not too overwhelming, do you write a personal note inside each card (how time consuming would that be?) or do you simply sign your name?


    For adults with ADHD, the organization and self-discipline needed to send out holiday greeting cards can be overwhelming. For those that are determined to get out cards, below are some simple steps to help you tackle this project:

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    1)      Decide how many people you want to send cards to. If you have a long list, can you cut it down and mail cards to 20 or 25 people, rather than trying to get a card to everyone you have ever met?

    2)      Choose a holiday card. Make sure you purchase enough to send to those you have selected plus a few extra to cover mistakes.

    3)      Gather up all the addresses of your card recipients.

    4)      Choose whether you will hand address the cards or print out labels. Labels are a great way to save your information in your computer from year to year and simply print out the labels each December.

    5)      Consider paying someone to input the names into your computer if this is something you aren't good at. You may have a teenager at home that wants to earn a few dollars or a high school student nearby that would be willing to input the names for $10.00.

    6)      Decide when you want to mail your Christmas cards. Do you want all the cards mailed by December 15? By December 20?

    7)      Check the calendar to see how many days you have until your cards must be mailed. Divide the number of cards you will be sending by the number of days left. This will tell you how many cards you must complete each day. Obviously, the earlier you begin, the less cards you will need to complete each day.

    8)      Put together a box with all of the supplies you need:

    a.      Cards and Envelopes

    b.      Stamps

    c.      Pens

    d.      Addresses or Labels

    e.      List of all recipients

    f.        Glue Stick (I find it much easier to use a glue stick to close envelopes rather than licking them. It is also much neater than using a sponge.)


    9)      Schedule time at the same time each day to complete your daily allotment of cards. This works better than vaguely committing to completing a certain number each day. Instead, schedule 15 or 30 minutes after dinner or early in the morning as "card time."

    10)  Get rid of distractions for this time. You may want to go into your room, or any room where you can be by yourself. Turn off your cell phone, computer and television. Let family members know not to disturb you for this short time.

  • 11)  Prepare ahead of time. Do you want a cup of coffee or tea while writing out the cards? A glass of ice water? Prepare ahead so you are not getting up and creating additional distractions for yourself.

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    12)  Avoid eating while writing out cards. You may end up with food smudges or crumbs inside the cards.


    With a little preparation and a little (not much) organization you can manage to get holiday cards mailed to the special people in your life (now won't they be surprised!)




Published On: December 08, 2009