Monday, February 27, 2017

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A Roundup of Knee Surgeries

For many sports fans, the idea of an ACL tear or arthroscopic procedure sounds commonplace. But knee surgeries can be a major operation.  While surgery may not always be necessary, in other cases it clearly may be.


Here are a variety of knee surgery options and for which what conditions they are... Read moreChevron

Is Public Transit Making Me Sick?

I am among the millions of Americans who take public transit to work –some take the bus or train, and others fly regularly.  And seemingly every day, I see a person who is sick, likely contagious and spewing germs into the air for mass consumption. 


Is my commute making me sick?


With... Read moreChevron

Are E-Cigarettes Really Healthier Than Cigarettes?

It’s been over a decade since smoking was banned in bars, restaurants and clubs in my native New York; my current home state of Virginia followed suit some years later.  So it came as a surprise when I looked down a bar to see a man puffing away on what appeared to be a cigarette.  However, when he exhaled the... Read moreChevron

Helmets Can Prevent Injury, Death in Snow Sports

When I started skiing in 1990, helmets were rarely seen on the slopes, if ever.  As the years passed, helmets became more and more common, though they were still seen on young kids just beginning the ski – often assumed to be the work of overprotective parents.  A little more than two decades later, helmets are commonplace; it... Read moreChevron

What is an Adrenaline Rush?

After finishing off another great day of downhill skiing, a 70-year-old man steps into his car.  He should be exhausted, especially given the eight hours of abuse he just inflicted upon his body.  Instead, he screams at the top of his lungs, "I LOVE IT!!!!" and rides that rush of excitement for the duration of the drive... Read moreChevron