ADHD Central: May 2010 in Review

CRegal Editor
  • What happened on ADHD Central in May 2010? Let's run down the month that was!


    We welcomed a new Expert to the fold, Dr. Robb Mapou. In his first post, Dr. Mapou took the opportunity to introduce himself to the community. Please join me in welcoming Dr. Mapou to the community - I can't wait to see what he discusses next!


    In addition to introducing Dr. Mapou to the community, I also conducted an interview piece with him about legitimate and illegitimate ADHD diagnoses and prescriptions of medication.


    May was Mental Health Month, so we tried to bring awareness to the prominence of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions among ADHD patients.

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    Eileen Bailey tackled some hard-hitting topics this month, including Employment Drug Screenings and ADHD Medication.  She also addressed ADHD Medications During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding, comorbid conditions in ADHD patients and how hormones can play a role in ADHD.


    Merely Me used May to write some positive material for parents.  In particular, her post entitled, A Tribute to Mothers of Children with Special Needs is a must-read.  She offered Five Ways to Be a Positive Parent and answered the question, How Does Stress Affect Your ADHD Child?  Finally, Merely Me also took criticism head-on by debunking the Myth of the ADHD Cure.


    In celebration of Mother's Day, we pulled together some of our best articles about ADHD and women.

    We also resurrected the Quizzes and Tools page. In conjunction with Mental Health Month, we added a quiz for ADHD and Mental Health.  We also added quizzes for Evaluating ADHD Myths and Diagnosing ADHD.  Take the quizzes and challenge yourself!

    On the news front, the biggest news of the month was a study linking pesticides found on fruits and vegetables to ADHD.  Studies were also conducted which linked ADHD to Mom's blood pressure and speculated that genetics could play a role in how responsive someone is to ADHD medication.

    Overall, the community was very active - we averaged over one new sharepost or question every day for all of May. Not a bad month at all!

    Is there anything else that you saw or did this month? Is there any way you think we can improve the site? Is there anything you want to see in the future?

    In June, we're celebrating Father's Day and preparing for the summer with ADHD. Do you have a story to tell or an experience to share? Come create a sharepost, ask a question, or comment on an article - the community is alive and well!


Published On: May 26, 2010