Study Questions Effectiveness of ADHD Meds

  • An article about the effectiveness and side effects of ADHD medication is circulating in the media. A piece by Shankar Vedantam appeared on the front page above the fold of today's Washington Post. The article highlights some of the disagreements that have arisen between leading scientists over a follow-up to the landmark Multimodal Treatment Study on AD/HD.


    Be sure to check out ADHD expert Eileen Bailey's article to find out more about this study and what it means for you and your child.


    We encourage concerned parents to learn more by reading about the role of medication in the treatment of ADHD and perusing the CHADD website. As always, parents should consult with their treatment and prescribing professionals before making any decisions about the treatment of AD/HD. Any treatment, including treatment of AD/HD, must be individualized to meet the unique circumstances of the person and his or her family.

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Published On: March 27, 2009