New Feature! Ask a Question Now Launched!

Terry Matlen, ACSW Health Guide

    Dear Friends,


    I am thrilled to announce that we have an exciting, brand new feature here at  We've just launched our Ask a Question section. You can now quickly and easily type in your questions regarding ADHD, get answers from our experts and community, view related questions and even answer other users' questions.


    Here are our new Question and Answer features:


    • There is an Ask a Question widget on every article and SharePost page with a text box where you can type your question. Just look for the purple box that says, "Ask a Question." You can also find it at the top of each page in the purple "nav bar" that says ASK on it. Just click on that and ask or answer questions.
    • We'll have an index of all questions, which can be sorted by category, top rated, the total number of answers, and Expert-answered questions.
    • Both Experts and Community Members will be able to answer questions.

    What are you waiting for? Ask your questions and connect even more with experts and community members here at

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Published On: April 22, 2008