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chatobstewart Community Member December 27, 2008
  • What a strange week of weather! Personally I want just to express my gratitude for being able to post here.  It's the only place I can post some humorous cartoons and not worry about having to be so upbeat and positive.  That's what I have to do on my blog... It's like when you facilitate a support group, you need to hold it together, because, like it or not, the people coming to the group are counting on you to be balanced...  The last thing you want to do is go to a group where every week that the facilitator is the one that needs them most help and time,

    This place gives me the needed time to take my mask off of that "jolly happy cartoonist with a mental illness" and can be my down trodden manic or depressed self...  I know that even though I don't get a ton of comments that a lot of you are viewing the cartoons and even clicking the links to see more. In fact my blog stats have recorded over 500 unique visits from this domain in just the last 2 months.  So even though we have not talked too much I know your listening.  I want to thank you for that!

    Sometimes I feel so alone and broken that I forget about the more important things... Family and all my new friends who have enjoyed a chuckle now and again.  The cartoons have been such a great coping skill for me... It's the only thing I have been able to do regularly since my last trip to the looney bin.  I look forward to 2009 with interpretation hoping to maintain my balance and recovery.  While making a few people laugh and giggle now and again, oh, and to teach a few others that just because we are "mentally Ill" does not mean we don't have a sense of humor...

    With all that said it's time for your Laugh Of the Week...  And if you don't feel too much like commenting that's 100% o.k....  Just click a link and visit the site for a few... My stats will tell me you all love me... DOH!

    cc/ bipolar / depression / anxiety / adhd





    **** Posted 21st December 2008 ****

    Mental Health Humor: Dr. Bob Bob, That’s Snow Crazy!

    Mental Health Humor Damm Snow!

    **** Posted 22nd December 2008 ****

    Mental Health Humor: I HATE the Holidays!

    mental health humor.I HATE the Holidays!,mental health humor,mental health cartoon,meds, medication

    **** Posted 23rd December 2008 ****

    mental health humor.I HATE the Holidays!,mental health humor,mental health cartoon,meds, medication

    **** Posted 24th December 2008 ****

    Mental Health Humor: December 25, 30 MILLION DEAD!!!

    Mental Health Humor Abor Day Depression

    **** Posted 25th December 2008 ****

    Mental Health Humor: December 26, Thank You Now Let Me Bring It Back.

    I HATE the Holidays!

    **** Posted 19th December 2008 ****

    Mental Health Humor: Suicide - A Snowman, It’s a Terrible Thing to Waste… Ask for Help Now

    mental health humor cartoon jokes 2


    **** Posted 18th December 2008 ****

    Mental Health Humor: Well, At Least Some One Is Medicated!

    mental health humor cartoon winter snowman

    **** Posted 17th December 2008 ****

    Mental Health Humor: Block Head!

    mental health humor cartoons depression bipolar manic


     **** Posted 15th December 2008 ****

    Mental Health Humor: Ask Dr Bob Bob - I HATE YOU!

    mental health humor cartoon, mother

     **** Thank You ****

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    Thanks so much for posting your cartoons. I am glad you feel this site is somewhere you can post how you feel and be free to share these with us. I am one that has clicked over to your site and viewed the cartoons there.


    Please keep sharing.