Getting to know our readers!

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  • Hello everybody!


    I am a contributor here on ADHD Central and I have been writing here for some months now and I am really enjoying it. I hope to make a difference. When it comes to choosing topics to write about I do like to speak from my own personal experiences as a former special educator, and as a parent to a child who has autism and multiple ADHD characteristics.


    But I would like to hear more from you, our readers, as to who you are and what you would like us to write about.


    If you could take a moment and let us know more about you that would be wonderful!


    1.  Tell us more about you.  Are you a parent of a child who has ADHD?  If so, does your child have multiple diagnoses?  What are these other diagnoses?  Or are you an adult who has ADHD and/or related conditions? 

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    2.  How did you find out about this site?


    3.  What topics or themes would you like us to write about?


    We value your input here on ADHD Central.  We would love to hear from you as to how to give you a community experience you will want to keep coming back to, for both up to date and accurate information as well as support. 


    Thank you!

Published On: August 26, 2009