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    I am a writer here for ADHD Central and I am also the Community Leader over on My Depression Connection.   Health Central's My Depression Connection and The Washington Post teamed up recently for a unique project where members of the depression site could ask Washington Post faith bloggers questions pertaining to faith, healing and spirituality.  You can see my original question of the week right here where I introduced this project to Health Central members.


    And here is the link to the Washington Post "On Faith" page where they describe this project in greater detail.


    I have been asked to extend the invitation to ask questions of The Washington Post faith bloggers to other Health Central members including ADHD Central. 

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    So here is what you do.



    Write a question about faith, healing, or spirituality in the form of a comment to this post.



    What is an example of a question one might ask?  One of the questions which was asked recently was "What do you do when you're depressed and your prayers don't seem to be answered?"  You can see how this question was answered by Faith Blogger Ramesh Rao, professor at Longwood University, Human Rights Coordinator for the Hindu American Foundation.


    Know that the Faith bloggers represent a wide variety of religious backgrounds and denominations. 


    If your question is selected there will be an answer posted on the On Faith section of the Washington Post on-line.  And I will be sure to report back to let you know when the questions from this site have been answered.


    Thank you so much for your participation!





Published On: December 17, 2009