More About “Pace” – Pace and Rhythm

ADDA Editor
  • This is a continuation of the conversation about pace from my last post, which was my first blog post, actually. Hey! I've learned a few new things in 2009. I also learned how to use Google calendar online, and I do feel accomplished! I feel ‘contained,' but that is not what I want to talk about here. I can highly recommend finding ways to feel contained, though.

    Back to pace. I've noticed something at the gym. As I work away on my ARC Trainer, staring at a variety of shapes and sizes on the step and rowing machines in front of me, I've noticed that we all have our own pace. The people in front of me or next to me, wherever I am, have their own intensity of stride, lift, push and pull. Lord, I hope the people on the treadmills behind me are not looking too closely at my backside.

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    Anyway, I have learned from years of observation that we all have very different rhythms regarding the machines we use and or how we work out on them. This includes the weights we pick in the weight room and the routines we follow. It applies to the kind of classes we are drawn to, or ignore, and even the way we approach floor mat exercises.

    So, here's a bit of what I see in my gym. Of course, there is the grunting muscular somewhat steroidal looking guy, who has to pull or push up enormous weight to achieve some kind of satisfaction, but he is pretty rare at my gym. There are, however, the super intense gym fanatics (male and female) who work up a kind of dopamine serotonin, endorphin high. Clearly they need to throw themselves against some kind of invisible wall to achieve what they need in order to feel ‘exercised.' My husband is one of these highly intense over-focused types. I shudder thinking of doing his routine.

    Most of the "gymmies" I'm observing are just ordinary looking non-steroidal folks. Well, and then there is Katie, blond pretty and oh so nice Katie. (I am making up this name, but she is the real thing.) Katie has one of those incredibly well-exercised perky little butts, which women can't help noticing and feel overpoweringly sad about. Believe me, the men notice too. I've discussed this with my husband. He's confirmed it.


    Anyway, Katie exercises in this steady powerful way, with a smile on her face and a glowing sheen of sweat. She has a rhythm and pace that is admirable. I'll bet there are men who have fallen off the treadmills behind me after glancing two rows up in her direction. Either that or they have added ten death-defying miles to their routine. However, it is Katie's pace I'm really trying to talk about here. She's got her own pace, and she owns it.


    Of course, there is a MUCH larger diverse range of regulars, younger and older than Katie, just doing their thing at the gym to their own tune. These regulars, like me, have found their own rhythm. We have different styles, different levels of endurance, different levels of rhythm and intensity, and age is not a factor!


Published On: February 09, 2009