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  • Evelyn Polk Green, ADDA President Elect


    Chicago Public Schools Resource Specialist: Office of Specialized Services

    Mission: To ensure that ALL individuals with AD/HD receive the support and services they need, regardless of the size of their bank account or color of their skin.




    Welcome to the first ADDA sponsored blog on We're excited by this opportunity... and I'm personally honored to write the first blog entry. But it almost didn't happen... because, well I have ADD!


    Did I over-commit by promising - no, VOLUNTEERING - to do it in the first place? Yup!


    Did I make it worse by insisting we needed to do more than two blog posts a month, knowing that I am responsible for the entire month? Yup!


    Did I show a complete lack of time management ability by promising to have the first blog entry ready by Monday, knowing I had 100 other things on my plate? Yup!


    Did I wait until the very possible last minute to write it? Yup!


    But did I get it done anyway??? ABSOLUTELY... because, after all, I have ADD!!!


    So, now you know what this blog - and ADDA - are all about. For sure, we'll look at the frustrations, the realities, the pitfalls and challenges of living with ADD, or what I like to call "Chaos Theory in Action". (And as an adult with ADD, living with two sons with ADHD as well, I mean that literally!).


    But more importantly, we'll look at how we put the chaos that is life with ADHD into perspective. How we meet those challenges and frustrations every day with wit, humor, style and occasionally, even grace. How we pick ourselves up when we fall - or let others support us until we can stand on our own again.


    After 46 years of living with ADHD (even if I've only known it for 20 of them) and 22 years of raising two children with the disorder, I've come up with my own version of the chaos theory. It works for us because it includes some key values that we embrace every day - acceptance, honesty, forgiveness, support, and humor.


    I'll share more about those in future posts, but the point is that we've found a way to live - for the most part happily and healthily - with ADHD, not in spite of it. And that is my hope for every individual living with ADHD... every adult, every child, every spouse, every parent, partner, sibling, co-worker and friend touched by it.


    That's also what ADDA is all about. We hope this blog helps us get there.


    Peace and Love,



    Evelyn Polk Green, the President Elect of ADDA, is an adult with AD/HD and the mother of two sons, both of whom are diagnosed with ADHD - Inattentive type. Her current focus is on improving mental health services in urban, poor and minority communities. Green is a member of the Network on Children's Mental Health Services funded by the Macarthur Foundation. She also has served as a consultant to the NIMH on the Preschool AD/HD Treatment Study and the AACAP Pediatric Psychopharmacology Initiative. Green is also the Past President of the CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) National Board of Directors. Ms. Green holds bachelor and masters degrees from National Louis University in early childhood education, leadership and advocacy and a master's degree in educational administration and supervision from Northern Illinois University.

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Published On: March 04, 2008